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Welcome! As you may have guessed, my name is Jonathan Moore. Thank you for stopping by!

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Hi there!

No, I am not going to share a list of seven totally random, non-photo related facts about me because let's face it, you’re probably not going to book me simply because we both think Stumptown coffee is awesome and we both love the color green... Am I right?

Hopefully it's because you're wildly inspired by the work you see on the site and you see value in the service I can provide for you as your photographer. Should you choose me, I can assure you that in time, the non-photo related facts about me will be shared, probably over Stumptown coffee served in green cups. :)

Right now, I'd love to share why I became a wedding photographer. Please read on, this is important...

Photo of Jonathan Moore, Temescal Canyon, Pacific Palisades


Wedding Photography

My career as a photo storyteller began as a young intern at Getty Images in 2008. My work at Getty allowed me to eventually craft a reputation as a multi-faceted freelancer – covering baseball, football, the Winter X-games, USC rowing, tennis and motorsport.

My Getty Images experience sharpened my eye in composition, light and timing. The technical challenges were amazing, but as time passed, the nature of the work became impersonal and systematic. Another touchdown, another home run, another victory lane… I was just one of a gang of photographers trying to get the same image. I felt like my life’s work was becoming a commodity. I growingly became frustrated and disillusioned with my professional journey.

Then it hit me. How can I be truly passionate about my work when I don’t have a personal connection with the people that I am covering? My subjects were always at arms-length – leaving me without the ability to truly relate to what they were feeling.

Saint James Park, London, Beloved Portrait

At that moment I knew I wanted to work one-on-one with my subjects. There is something special about pouring myself into my work, then handing that work over to my clients and seeing their reaction and appreciation. This is the joy that wedding photography brings me. Every bride, groom, their family and friends – each different scenario and location is a new story and experience that gives my work and journey the meaning that I sought when I decided to become a photo storyteller.

2018 brings a rededication to my craft. I am excited to use my unique journalistic perspective and skills to work side-by-side with you to visually narrate your beautiful love story.

It would be an honor to hear from you!

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