A new offering for 2023!

After twelve years as a still wedding photographer, I am pleased to officially offer videography starting in 2023.  As I am working to build a solid portfolio for potential couples like you, I am offering substantial discounts for both standalone videography and video + photo bookings through September 2023.  Please inquire below for more information.

Who will be the videographer at my wedding?

It depends. If you book either standalone videography or videography + an associate photographer, then I will be your on-site cinematographer.

If you book me as your wedding photographer and you would like to add videography as an additional service, I will bring along a contracted cinematographer who will handle all production activities on my behalf (since I cannot do both).

For all videography bookings, I will be handing all post-production activities (i.e. editing, sound mixing, color grading etc). I will also be your main point of contact.

What is the turnaround time for final edits?

For standalone videography bookings, the turnaround time for all content is three weeks. For combined videography + photography bookings, the turnaround (for both) time is four weeks as I would prefer to deliver everything at once. Both still and video content will be delivered on a password protected gallery site.

Do I really need a videographer?

I'll he honest, having been a still photographer for over fifteen years and a wedding photographer for almost twelve, I would personally lean towards investing more into still photography. On the other hand, videography is becoming an increasingly popular medium for weddings, especially since the social media algorithms prioritize video content (i.e. instagram reels), and people generally tend to interact more with video than they do with stills.

Ask yourself, how often do you think you'll watch your wedding video? Is it something that you'll value more than say, a beautifully printed still photo on your wall or a handcrafted wedding album? Also consider that the words spoken during the first look, vows, toasts and speeches will all be recorded. For a lot of the people, this is an especially meaningful keepsake that cannot be captured in a still photo.

Do you do drone videography or photography?

Absolutely! I am a Part 107 certified commercial drone pilot, so if the airspace and venue allow it, you can add a drone service to capture not only some very nice arial video, but still photos as well, all of which will be integrated into the highlight reel.

A few other important notes about videography:

All video content will be recorded and delivered at full UHD 4k resolution at 60FPS in the MP4 format.  I will post all video content on the same password-protected gallery as the still content. You will be able view and download everything from that site.

Booking is easy, use the form below to let me know you are interested. I will always respond within one business day. If I am available on the requested date, I will send you everything you need to know. If I am not available, I will happily offer you a referral.


I always prefer to meet in person as long as it is convenient. We can also connect by FaceTime or phone if you prefer. During our meeting, I will go over my approach to working with couples and you’ll share with me your goals and expectations. We’ll discuss pricing and packages and of course, we’ll review any questions and concerns you may have.

The next step is to confirm that you would like to book and to specify exactly which services you want. I will then email the contract. Just sign, pay the retainer and your date is confirmed! All payments can be made online by credit card, ACH transfer or by Venmo.