Guy + Ammar Beloved | Los Angeles

I met Guy and Amar at Ari and Mari’s Zihuatanejo wedding in November 2012.  They were a little apprehensive when I first told them about Beloved. They expect commands like: “look at each other, whisper something into his ear, smile on command, laugh now…”  To be clear, this is not a “photoshoot” in the traditional sense.  Guy and Amar were not there to take commands from me as though they were hired models. 

Any photographer can give commands, but I don’t want my clients to have that memory associated with their pictures.  Instead, I set a stage where they feel comfortable explore the feelings associated with everything that makes their relationship work.  We’re celebrating a love that already exists.  That should come across in the photos!  Guy and Amar are deeply in love and I am very happy I was able to capture these beautiful moments for them!

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Guy + Ammar Beloved | Same Sex Engagement Photos | Los Angeles

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love love love

Freat shots x k

So much love between these two. Amazing work my friend.

Thanks Belinda! Definitely a lot of love here…

Love these images! Really gorgeous work. I’m enjoying the voting feature, btw. 🙂

Thanks KristIn! 🙂 Glad you like it!

That was FAST….and I love these shots!