Nick + Raquel | Los Angeles Wedding Proposal | Paseo Miramar

This was a lovely Los Angeles wedding proposal! Two weeks ago, Nick Sabatino hired me to document his wedding proposal to his lovely girlfriend Raquel.  Nick and Raquel are both from New York and this was their first time traveling to Los Angeles.  In addition to actually taking the photos, I was also responsible for selecting the an appropriate location and coordinating the exact timing with Nick.  

I chose the Parker Mesa overlook, which is right off of the Paseo Miramar trail in the Santa Monica Mountains.  It’s right above Pacific Palisades and it over looks the Santa Monica Bay.  It takes about an hour to get to the spot from the trailhead by foot.  I told nick to play it as though they were going on a hike.  🙂

To pinpoint the exact location, I used the satellite view on Google maps, along with labels, X’s and arrows to show Nick exactly where I wanted him and Raquel positioned when he popped the question.  I told him I would be there thirty minutes before their arrival.  I was set, hidden behind my little trees and there they were!  They walked right by me and to the exact spot I told Nick to go.  They talked for a while and admired the view.  His heart must have been racing the whole time!  

Looking through my camera I kept thinking to myself, “do it!  DO IT!!”  Just like that, he pulled the ring out of his backpack, got down on one knee and popped the question.  Raquel was genuinely surprised.  She had NO clue it was coming and her reaction is priceless!

To remain inconspicuous, I was only able to shoot from one angle and the photos are a little backlit (that’s the ocean behind them).  Despite that, I really love how these turned out!

Congratulations to you both!

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Los Angeles Wedding Proposal

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