Persian Wedding, London

London, England

Sara + Shaz Wedding, London, England

This past March I was very fortunate to photograph Sara and Shaz’s wedding in London.  I was humbled by the opportunity.  The day after my arrival, I met Sara and Shaz for a short Beloved session in Green Park near my hotel.  Two days later, the wedding took place at a venue called the Rooftop Gardens in Kensington: a beautiful and surprisingly peaceful oasis from the chaotic High Street Kensington below.

One thing I took from this wedding is that Persians can throw one hell of a party no matter where you are in the world.  After having photographed several Persian weddings over the past few years, including Sara’s sister’s wedding here in Los Angeles, I really felt like I was back home throughout the whole experience.  Sara and Shaz made the experience great for me and for themselves!

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