House Wedding, Santa Barbera

Montecito, California

Caroline + Frank, Montecito, California

Caroline and Frank found me through a former client about six months ago.  Frank works in the food industry as a restaurant consultant and Caroline is a Peruvian national who works in advertising.  From a photographic perspective, the wedding was absolutely beautiful, definitely one of the best I’ve covered in the last couple years.

One thing I will say about Caroline and Frank is that they have very open hearts, and I think that has a lot to do with their backgrounds.  Frank’s family is Italian, while Caroline’s family comes from Peru.  That said, the idea of “family and friends” gathering together, sharing good conversation, outstanding food and wine is an inherent part of their lives and culture, as evidenced in the six course meal and thirty five foot “family style” table set in the center of the garden.  I’m sure the fact that Frank is a restaurant consultant and an amazing chef also had something to do with this!

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