Your proposal in three steps...

1. Select a location

The first step is to select the location for your proposal. I would be more than happy to help you with this. I would recommended selecting an outdoor space, as indoor spaces like restaurants and bars can be dark and crowded. There may be too many distractions as well as photography restrictions.

2. Location scout

Capturing the perfect proposal requires a bit of coordination between myself and the proposer.

If possible, I would recommend meeting a day or two before the proposal so we can determine exactly where the moment will take place, where you will be standing and where I will be standing in relation to you. We'll take some test shots so you know exactly what you can expect.

If meeting in person is not possible or if you are not from the Los Angeles area, I will scout the location with you via FaceTime. I will then pinpoint my location in relation to your positions using google maps screenshots, along with parking and directions. This was my approach for the black and white images below and it was a success.

3. The proposal

On the day of the proposal, I will arrive at the predetermined location twenty minutes before your scheduled arrival. I will be well hidden and shooting discreetly from a distance with a long lens. Once the proposal is done, I will come out, introduce myself and we'll end things with a short portrait session. Images will be available for you to enjoy within 24 hours.

Congratulations, you are now officially engaged!!