How will you make me look natural with my partner in front of the camera?

My job is to create a space where you and your partner both feel comfortable expressing what you’ve always felt for each other: love, respect, compassion etc. Those feelings are already there (you’re engaged after all), so it’s just a matter of tapping into them.  If you’re ever feeling nervous or self conscious, focus on all the things you love about your partner.

Ask yourself, why did I fall in love with this person?  What did that feel like?  What adventures am I looking forward to for the future?  Focus on those things and I promise you will both enjoy the experience and love the results. Most clients come out of the session feeling fulfilled as the experience often enables them to reconnect with their partners on a deeper level.

What is your approach

to the engagement session?

These sessions are meant to be fun and lighthearted.  I will work with you to select an ideal location and wardrobe.  Generally we’ll go for more quiet locations such as nature trails or beaches.  As hiking is usually part of the session, the wardrobe also tends to be more on the casual side.  Of course, all of this is up to you and we will confirm all of these details beforehand.

For each setting during our session, there will be some very basic initial direction and a some role playing to help break the ice.  Beyond that, how you engage with your partner is entirely up to you. Just know that I will always step in if something doesn’t look quite right.

Please reach out if you have any questions.

Booking is easy:

1. Connect

Use the form below to let me know you are interested. I will always respond within one business day. If I am available on the requested date, I will send you everything you need to know. If I am not available, I will happily offer you a referral. People generally spend between $4,500 and $6,000 on wedding photography.

2. Meet

I always prefer to meet in person as long as it is convenient. We can also connect by FaceTime or phone if you prefer. During our meeting, I will go over my approach to working with couples and you'll share with me your goals and expectations with regards to photography. We'll discuss pricing and packages and of course, we'll review any questions and concerns you may have.

3. Say yes!

The next step is to confirm that you would like to book and to specify exactly which services you want. I will then email the contract. Just sign, pay the retainer and your date is confirmed! All payments can be made online by credit card, ACH transfer or by Venmo.