Best of Beloved I

Beloved is simply a word that I use to describe what most would call “engagement” portraits.  I use the word Beloved because many of my clients are either not engaged or already married.

The goal in a Beloved session is to simply draw your attention towards your parter and to focus on everything you love about that person.  In every sense, you are suppressing any barriers that may get in the way (i.e. work, bills, family drama… whatever).  As this happens, you’ll begin to focus on what is most meaningful to you.

I always tell clients to think of these photos as doorways to really great memories.  Like any great photo, when you look at your images, you’ll be brought back to that moment and you’ll remember exactly what you were feeling.  As life happens, all the barriers will drop again in this process, and hopefully, you’ll rediscover the value of your relationship.

Beloved sessions are my favorite thing to shoot, perhaps even more than the wedding itself, because it allows me to engage with my clients in a way that is very special.

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