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We hired Jonathan to do a beloved (engagement) shoot and to capture our wedding. We are so, so happy with the images from both! He has a special talent for capturing action and emotion as they occur in the moment, rather than contriving them and snapping away, which anyone with an expensive camera could do.

What you get from Jonathan will be truly special. He will get those moments you want to remember. When I was reviewing his portfolio online, some of the photos actually brought tears to my eyes. All of the brides looked so beautiful because of the happiness and love he captured in their expressions, their body language, etc.

Please look at Jonathan's website and see for yourself. Cannot recommend him highly enough.

Beth & Nick

“Jonathan was fantastic. He is extremely talented, flexible, professional and simply a wonderful person, which matters a lot when it comes to one of the most important (and often stressful) days of your life.

I was SO overwhelmed and busy (planed the whole 175 person wedding myself) that I felt so blessed to have someone so on time, on his game, and not phased by what was going on at all. There was plenty of Chaos; I was all over the place, but he set up his shots, he worked the lighting around wherever I was running around too, and yet he was so pleasant, I never felt like I was being asked to do anything. He just seemed to always be in position for whatever was happening. I honestly don't remember him for 1/2 of the wedding, but somehow he got every shot.

He is so polite and well mannered, nothing seemed to jostle him. It only took seconds to set up the portrait shots. We didn't want anything to look overly posed where people were being forced to smile, so he kept it light and fast, the shots turned out exactly how we wanted.

The album was a big item for us, I work in advertising and so am very meticulous about layouts- I was worried about this. But what he did was amazing and he worked with me when I had suggestions, he switched out shot after shot to get it perfect.

I gave the book to my husband as a Christmas present and my whole family cried. Our photos are so incredible, they are truly art, which we proudly show off.”

Lauren & Greg

“We are thrilled with our wedding photographs. Family and friends have told me they are the best wedding photos they've ever seen. One person who doesn't even like wedding photos told me he loved Jonathan's photographs. Others who weren't even at the wedding have told me the photos made them feel like they were there.

We also really liked his unique approach to the Beloved (engagement) session, which, amidst the stresses of wedding planning, gave me and my husband quality time to honestly connect with each other and celebrate our relationship and our future, and as a result, made for truly candid and meaningful photographs.

As for Jonathan himself, he is very professional, prompt and responsive, and always fully prepared. I was especially impressed when, for our Beloved session, I had listed in an email a few locations in downtown LA that I was interested in for the session. When my husband and I showed up, Jonathan had already scouted every spot and knew exactly where we needed to go. At the same time, he is super flexible and rolls with the moment. He is also one of the nicest guys I've met, laid back, down to earth, and such a pleasure to work with. I can't recommend Jonathan highly enough!”

Meishya & Brandon

"Jonathan's work is outstanding!! He shot our destination wedding in New Orleans and we are in love with all our pictures!

We wanted a documentary style to our photos and Jonathan's work is absolutely beautiful. He captured all the key elements of the night, along with some hilarious and sweet moments that we didn't see.

I also loved the concept and outcome of his Beloved session. Those photo's not only look amazing but they hold a place in my heart because of the true emotion behind it. They are better than any staged photo could ever look. I also give him credit, both the mother of the groom and mother of the bride are camera shy and Jonathan managed to get some awesome photos of both and they didn't even realize haha!

All in all Jonathan has amazing talent, he puts thought and heart into every photo he takes. We are over the moon in love with our photos and can't thank him enough!! I highly recommend Jonathan to anyone looking for meaningful, creative photos that are just stunning!"

Kaitlyn & Sam

"Jonathan did an incredible job capturing our wedding. He completely listened to the type of photos my husband and I wanted - we were absolutely thrilled with the results. He captured each special moment and each photo encapsulated the emotions that ran throughout the wedding."

Lauren & Ramon

"We were looking for a photographer who would be able to reflect the vibe & essence of our wedding. Jonathan was highly recommended by a friend and when we saw his portfolio we were very excited. Once we met him we were 1000% sure he was the right photographer for us- as we immediately felt very comfortable with him.

We certainly got what we were looking for with the shots Jonathan captured. The shots are amazing- you can see and almost hear laughs and feel the love on the stills he provided. there are many action shots and special "moments" that reflect exactly how we, our families and friends, felt that day.

Our family and friends enjoyed his work so much- they've already requested his contact information to fly for their upcoming destination weddings."

Caroline & Frank

"Jonathan Moore Photography came to me via a recommendation from a very trusted photography colleague and he did not disappoint! As I am a professional photographer, I was persistent upon finding someone that was great at capturing people in the moment instead of many staged photos. Jonathan's photo-journalistic style left us with a wonderful collection of us and our friends having the time of our lives.

Jonathan was an excellent selection for a variety of reasons: professionalism, adaptability, friendliness, and creativity.

Professionalism: He was prompt, ready to work, and brought his artistic talents without being overbearing or demanding. Additionally, the transaction on the photos was simple, clear (without hidden fees), and timely.

Adaptability: Everyone should know a wedding day will always come with adjustments needing to be made throughout the day and Jonathan took everything in stride and made sure that we really enjoyed the day and the photo taking experience.

Friendliness: Jonathan took the time to meet with us prior to hiring, he covered all of our events and we walked away with a friendship on top of the professional relationship.

Creativity: Our venue presented some unique lighting opportunities and Jonathan took full advantage. He captured vantage points that I didn't expect and had a way of making everyone look great!

I would highly recommend Jonathan for any photography needs at any event!"

Glennon & Kaitlyn